Our Practice Areas

Emerging Technology


We provide advisory on technology related laws and its execution, such as the application of blockchain technology within the governance of existing laws. The popular trend of the application of “Blockchain +” (meaning to widely apply the technology of blockchain into every business) have attracted the issue of further compliance with existing laws such as Financial Services Act 2013, Digital Signature Act 1997, Computer Crimes Act 1997, Evidence Act 1950, Personal Data Protection Act 2010, privacy laws, etc.

Fintech (Finance Technology)

Fintech is a line of corporate business based on using latest technology to manage, operate, invent and develop financial related services such as online payment gateway system, remittance services. To this, the Central Bank of Malaysia has issued the Financial Technology Regulatory Sandbox Framework to enable appropriate experimentation of fintech solution. We provide advisory to the fintech startups especially on the compliance of the Anti-Money Laundering, Anti-Terrorism Financing and Proceeds of Unlawful Activities Act 2001 (AMLA), Financial Services Act 2013 and other relevant government policies.


We provide advisory relating to the laws of e-commerce to a number of e-commerce online platform operators, ranging from micro sellers to institutional operators, including but not limited to the legal liabilities and compliances based on the online e-commerce platform and other non-e-commerce platform, such as the platform’s terms and conditions, types of agreement, consumers’ liabilities, disclaimer, etc.

Corporate, IPO and Capital Market

Our Corporate team has considerable experience in numerous initial public offerings in Malaysia, including listing and delisting of real estate investment trust.

We are also well-versed on various equity capital markets exercises and provide legal advisory to our clients, including rights issue, bonus issue, private placement exercises, issuance of various types of preference shares, Employees’ Shares Option Schemes and recurrent related party transactions. Most of the equity capital markets exercises undertaken by us require our firm to conduct legal due diligence for the purposes of submitting applications to Securities Commission of Malaysia, Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad and/or Labuan Financial Services Authority and some of these corporate exercises require us to draft the prospectus, information memorandum, circular to shareholders and/or offering circular.

Dispute Resolution

Construction Disputes

Adjudication under the Construction Industry Payment and Adjudication Act 2012 (CIPAA 2012) CIPAA 2012 provides a mechanism for speedy recovery of interim payments in the construction industry through a process known as Adjudication. It echoes the spirit of “Pay Now, Argue Later”. Our lawyers have successfully filed and defended Adjudication claims for and against multibillion international companies, in the mixture of both Main Contractors and Sub-Contractors for their respective construction projects. In addition to that, we have also rendered constructive legal advice to our clients regarding the effective procedures and steps to claim for and defend against losses and expenses, extension of time and other ancillary clauses under the PAM contract 2006 and PAM Sub-Contract 2006. Our team members have acted as Adjudicator and handled many adjudications matters since the gazette of CIPAA 2012.
Arbitration Adjudication (which is only a temporary relief) often goes hand in hand with Arbitration. Our legal dispute team is well versed with handling disputes by way of Arbitration especially in the area of construction.

Civil Litigation

We have vast experience in representing our clients in court dealing with debt recovery, contractual claims, land disputes, defamation, corporate and commercial litigation. We have successfully recovered our client’s land from squatters. We also defend client in court against foreclosure, bankruptcy and winding up proceedings. We provide legal advisory to our client to better protect their rights in their businesses.

Employment Disputes

We are experienced in employment disputes and over the course of our establishment, we have advised countless employers and employees regarding their respective rights and obligations, what they can or cannot do, and what to do to protect their rights in accordance with the law.

Real Estate

Corporate Real Estate

Our team is well versed with in large-scale and complex real estate transaction, we are active in all aspects of real estate services ranging from the initial stage of negotiation of sale and purchase agreement, property due diligence, application of various regulatory approval/licence from relevant state authorities and statutory bodies, and security documentation. Apart from that, our team also provides strategic legal advice on property acquisitions, property related joint ventures and property developments. With our vast and invaluable experience in corporate real estate, we are always in a position to advice our domestic or international clients.

Real Estate Financing

Real estate financing is a core area of our practice. We possess experience in providing advisory service in all aspects of property financing transactions. Our services include preparation and review of a complete range of security documentations. Our team works closely with financial institutions and relevant authorities to ensure timely completion and perfection of security documentations.

Leases and Tenancies

Various kind of leases and tenancies has been one of the foundations of our practice. We regularly advise and co-ordinate with our client on leases and tenancies in relation to all kind of premises be it commercial, industrial or residential projects.