Dispute Resolution

The services that are covered under the Dispute Resolution include but not limited to Civil Litigation, Criminal Defence and Employment Disputes.

Civil Litigation

We have vast experience in representing our clients in court dealing with debt recovery, contractual claims, land disputes, defamation, corporate and commercial litigation.

We have successfully recovered our client’s land from squatters. We also defend client in court against foreclosure, bankruptcy and winding up proceedings. We provide legal advice to our client to protect their rights in their businesses.

Criminal Defence

We advise and defend individuals and corporations in a wide spectrum of criminal prosecutions as diverse as document-intensive white-collar crime to factually challenging cases such as sexual, drug and property-related offences.

We commit to giving you confident and fearless representation in the following areas of criminal law work including but not limited to:-

  • Corporate & criminal breach of trust
  • Capital Offences
  • Penal Code Offences
  • Drug Offences
  • Immigration Offences
  • Road Traffic Offences

Employment Disputes

We are experienced in employment disputes and over the course of our establishment, we have advised countless employers and employees regarding their respective rights and obligations, what they can or cannot do, and what to do to protect their rights in accordance with the law.