• Adjudication under the Construction Industry Payment and Adjudication Act 2012 (CIPAA 2012)

CIPAA 2012 provides a mechanism for speedy recovery of interim payments in the construction industry through a process known as Adjudication. It echoes the spirit of “Pay Now, Argue Later”. Our lawyers have successfully filed and defended Adjudication claims for and against multibillion international companies, in the mixture of both Main Contractors and Sub-Contractors for their respective construction projects.

In addition to that, we have also rendered constructive legal advice to our clients regarding the effective procedures and steps to claim for and defend against losses and expenses, extension of time and other ancillary clauses under the PAM contract 2006 and PAM Sub-Contract 2006.

Our team members have acted as Adjudicator and handled many adjudication matters since the gazette of CIPAA 2012.

    • Arbitration

Adjudication (which is only a temporary relief) often goes hand in hand with Arbitration.

Our legal dispute team is well versed with handling disputes by way of Arbitration especially in the area of construction. One of our partner has been involved in resolution of construction disputes by way of arbitration since 1999.